I could eat salads all summer long

I don`t like standing over a hot stove during the warm summer days.
Give me fruit and veg raw and let me enjoy the delights of chilled fruit salads
with a dollop of yoghurt, cold custard or even a little ice cream as desert or breakfast.
There are so many varieties of mixed veggie salads and coleslaws that I can enjoy as
dinner treats.
Here is just one of my preferred dinner options.

A mixed Mediterranean style salad
topped with a cheap and cheerful
chicken burger cut into wedges,
served with a celery, peanut and
raisin salad and some boiled eggs.
Healthy eating on my shoestring
budget leaves me well satisfied.




It finally decided to become summer.
Hot weathers call for cooling drinks.

If you don`t want to make Iced Teas and are
looking for sugar free refreshment you may
want to make a pitcher of cold water laced
with lemon or lime and cucumber slices.
I`ve used 2 limes and 1/2 a cucumber and
2 litres of tap water for my fridge bound
container. This will give me at least 3 days
worth of cool drinks.



Summer time cookery

Summer time temperatures have finally arrive here in the UK.
When it`s a hot day I normally don`t feel like a properly cooked meal, but will be most
happy with salads, quiches and some chilled afternoon pie served with coffee or tea.

Quiches are such an easy thing to make. Just use ready to roll short crust pastry if you
don`t feel like making your own from scratch. A crust-less quiche is also possible and
is even easier to make. No pastry needed at all, but must grease the baking dish well
before filling is added.

I`ve lined my pie dish with home made pastry, then
covered it with baking foil to blind bake for 15 mins
on Gas mark 5 before adding the desired veg to fill it.
I used 1/4 of a finely sliced small courgette and some
finely sliced red pepper strips.
The egg filling for this quiche used 2 beaten eggs,
around 1/4 pt of semi-skimmed milk plus a dash of
double cream. I bake the quiche on Gas mark 6 for

around 30-35 mins, or until just set in the middle (still showing a slight wobble).

Another frugal summer time treat I will enjoy is a very simple Key Lime Pie. It`s lovely
when served chilled on a hot afternoon. I enjoy this even better on a lazy weekend.

My most frugal idea of making a key lime pie.
No baking involved!

You need to crumble around 6-8 digestive biscuits
(I used Tesco brand digestives) and mix them with
around 50g of melted butter, then press this mix into
a pie dish to make the base for the key lime pie. Chill
until you are ready to assemble.

In the meantime heat the juice of two limes mixed with around 1/2 pt water and 2 tblsp
of sugar/or 1 tblsp sweetener plus the grated zest of 1 lime.
Once the liquid is hot you mix 1 tblsp of cornstarch with a little water and thicken the

lime liquid with that. Set aside and stir a few times. Once lightly cooled you mix the
starchy mix with 4 tblsp of natural set yoghurt, then pour this into your pie dish.
Sprinkle with a little more grated lime zest and chill the pie in the fridge for 2 hours

before consuming.
You may use a few drops of green food colouring when mixing the starchy liquid with
the yoghurt, but as I didn`t have any food colouring my pie looks a little pale.